Askme_oval screen print machine -- Detwisting and hydro-extracting machine (balloon type))
Detwisting and hydro-extracting machine (balloon type))

-The balloon type auto Detwisting and Hydro-Extracting Machine is designed for the treatment of the fabric in tubular from such as 100% cotton, CVC, T/C or other delicate fabrics.

Detwisting, Relaxing, Hydro-Extracting and chemical treatment in one processing.
-Using this machine for treating the fabric after dyeing before drying, in a continuous process. Saving the space for installing other machine, maintenance and the running cost.
-Automatic detwisting device make the operation more smoothly. It is no need to have a conventional centrifugal.
-Hydro-Extracting machine and also no need additional chemical treatment machine.
- The balloon type squeezing system can be achieved an even surface of the fabric, it will not cause the crease marks, of which is often happened in processing with the conventional Hydro-Extracting machine. -Exit with an adjustable width spreading device, it is no need to change the spreading device for the different width of fabrics.